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Training Shell staff with an effective Learning Management System


Shell having been prototyping a new shell points rewards systems. Before they could implement the system they needed to provide sufficient training to their Staff before rolling out the system to their customers. They already have a training platform in place but getting the content and training material was lengthy and required detailed technical skills to deploy and make changes.


Shell wanted 3 training modules to be rolled out. This would provide their onsite staff at various fuel depots with online training that they could view on various devices. The system must allow users to interact with questions, options and mobile elements throughout each course and play video and audio files throughout each scene. This must also be SCORM compliant (SCORM is a learning standards process that allows training of courses to be tracked). 


Working with our partners and Shell Fuels, Intelligenics were first approached to deliver the solution using pure JavaScript and enter all the content directly into HTML files. The modules were to be lightweight. All content would be provided to us and stored directly in each module. During the development phase Intelligenics quickly recognised that the system could be simplified by using a content management system to provide course content, media, audio and video files.  This would allow our teams to concentrate their efforts on the more technical aspects of delivering the project rather than spending time editing and making changes to content layout. 

The course content area was built on Umbraco CMS whilst the course viewer was built using Angular 2.0, CSS3 and HTML5. Content was stored directly in JSON objects. Providing the CMS allowed our partners to edit and change course content on demand without needing close communication with our development teams. They could edit and view changes as they were made allowing a much better experience for the teams.

As with most of our solutions Intelligenics integrated the systems using a fully automated deployment model built on Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team foundation Services.  This allowed for smooth transition of changes to the system without impact to staging and production systems. Ultimately this meant that Shell and our partners were able to see and accept changes to the system during development much easier than before, with roll-outs happening almost instantly.


The benefit to Shell is that they can now roll out learning courses to their Depots without complex processes or detailed technical dependencies. The CMS systems has allowed both Shell partners and Intelligenics the ability to create course content with ease and deploy solutions without extra costs and ultimately helping their staff to received the training needed, so they can engage with Shell customers better.

Interactive Screen elements allow users to select questions and answers