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Optimising Sainsbury's sales information allowed staff to move away from a manual processes and receive vital business intelligence directly



Sainsbury's currently manage a large amount of data for their many stores. This information details how stock is brought in from internal logistics and sold off the shelf. This provides Sainsbury's with vital business information on stale stock or sales losses due to poor provisioning.

Sainsbury's current system was built with Microsoft Access and provides basic reporting to external management functions. Although functional, the system requires manual management to ensure data is imported and exported where necessary.


Sainsbury's asked Intelligenics to help build a solution, alongside their internal IT team that could remove the bottlenecks evident in the current system. They wanted a front end web based solution that was capable of securing users, allowing configuration of reports and production of dynamic query generated of data. which could then be downloadable as CSV files for various 3rd party companies to analyse. 

In addition, the system had to be built within the companies highly secure architecture, which ensures the websites are hosted within secure demilitarised network zones which is designed to reduce the security attach vector. This meant back end services must be hosted behind tight firewall protection without providing direct access to database systems.


Intelligenics working onsite with their current IT team helped to build an ASP.NET MVC hosted web solution that uses Angular JS components on the Front end tier with restful services on middle tiers.

To keep within the company’s secure architecture, Intelligenics built the service layers as proxies that are routed to internal restful services. This prevented any direct access to databases from any of the sites hosted within the demilitarised zones. All the external sites are managed on Amazon Web Services running windows server 2012 virtual machines.  To automate the generation of reports windows services were developed to run timed jobs throughout the week against the system databases.


Sainsbury's have managed to remove the manual bottlenecks in the legacy system and reduce the amount of maintenance required by internal staff, freeing up time to conduct more productive activities.  All data is now more detailed in customised reports and provided by a fully automated system