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Parker Logistics are a London Based logistics company providing transportation and logistics solutions to companies throughout the world, with a team of over 50 staff.  As part of their business parker store and manage a large amount of documents within a SharePoint 2007 site hosted within their own intranet. This was situated on a Microsoft Small Business Server machine.  Unfortunately the current server was coming to its end of life and Parker needed to move their documents over to a new SharePoint environment.  


Parker wanted a newer solution that was resilient, built in fail-over and provided backup and storage for the team. They did not want an onsite solution as they recognised the risks of on-premise service being damaged by fire, theft or flood. So were looking for a cloud solution.  They also wanted to embrace the new productivity solutions that Office 365 provided by replacing their existing Office licences with an on-line monthly subscription.  

Parker already had an existing IT support company that could have provided the Office 365 package for them. But their existing supplier could not help them migrate the SharePoint documents as part of the solution. They needed to migrate the documents from sharepoint in a very unique way which both relocated the documents and sorted them into specific buckets for easy identification later on. A large amount of SharePoint information needed cleansing and migrating whilst not impacting productivity for the team



Intelligenics helped Parter both providing the Office 365 licences in the cloud and building a fully customised sharepoint migration utility. The product was able to migrate the SharePoint date from within the existing On Premise Small Business Server directly into SharePoint Online (a component in the Office 365 family).  This was a core objective and took a month to develop. Once developed and following several trial runs, intelligenics were able to fully migrate all the data from the legacy system into SharePoint online without any major errors.  

At the same time all the on Premise exchange mailboxes were also moved into the new Office 365 environment.


The company has removed dependency on on premise hardware and moved all their core software services into the cloud allowing their teams to now work anywhere and one any device. They have also removed untidy document storage into a fully cleansed document managed system provided by SharePoint Online